5 Things to Remember to Live a Beautiful Life


Forget the opinions of others

Often we compare ourselves to others’ thoughts and opinions. Whether we asked for it or not, someone, right now, is prepared to give their unsolicited advice on their observation of how you live. Going through life wondering if Lily likes your outfit or if Janet approves of your makeup makes no difference on whether or not you do.

Doing what makes you happy will ultimately lead you to genuine happiness. Doubting yourself will only lead to more doubt. Relying on others to tell you what you should and should not do will only breed uncertainty and sense of chaos in you life.

Do yourself the favor, and tell Lily and Janet to piss off. Trust yourself.

Remove the negative people in your life

Some people, no matter what, will see clouds on a sunny day. You could go out of your way to make that person happy, but you’ll inevitably fail. You’ll fail because it was never your job to be their happiness in the first place. It is their choice to either be a ‘glass half empty’ or ‘glass half full.’

The people that only see the bad in you, only see where you slipped up, could have done more, or refuse to see the good in, literally, any situation are the very people that are causing you to see the world differently.

Theres an old saying: “You are who you spend your time with.” Meaning that if you continue to surround yourself with negativity, your life will continue to be negative. Surround yourself with positivity and happiness will follow.

Judge Less

Passing judgement, especially negative judgement (or constructive criticism as many people like to name it) only opens the door to reciprocation. Who assigned you as the authority on this particular subject? Ask yourself that every time you feel the need to offer “constructive criticism.”

To be happy, you must accept that other people are going to be unique and different from you. They will have differing opinions, thoughts, and ideas. So do the respectful thing and honor their decision by lifting them up, rather than tearing them down.

Seek out the good in you

Every morning, wake up and look in the mirror and remind yourself that you love yourself. Name 5 goods things about yourself. If you struggle with this, keep at it until you have it. Persistently and habitually defining your own positive qualities will magnify them in your life and increase your confidence.

You are good, but sometimes we need a reminder.

Be grateful

If all else fails, you have the ability to be exactly who you are, and the right to express it. Everyday, write down a few things you’re grateful for. Spend time with your friends and family, tell them you appreciate them in your life.

To truly be grateful you must show gratitude. That’s not to say that you should avoid the negative-embrace it. Don’t shy away and pretend it isn’t there. The quicker you confront it, the sooner it will disappear.

Living is meant to enjoyed, so remind yourself often that you deserve happiness. The goods things in life do not come naturally, they are earned, worked for, and fought for. Remember to smile. Lets all make the most out of what we have.



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