4 Foods to Avoid for a Better Complexion


Face cleansers, masks, daily cleaning routines… wash, rinse, repeat and your face is still experiencing those annoying red dots. The problem may not be your routine or your diligence. It may be something a little more simple: your diet.

Many foods are packed with chemicals that cause adverse reactions from our body. To get you started, we made a short list of foods to avoid (avoid meaning use in moderation) and more importantly, why to avoid (use in moderation).



Dairy causes your body to create more oils (sebum) which then clogs pores and allows bacteria to grow inside. Dairy also carries a high amount of growth hormone IGF-1. This growth hormone causes inflammation in our bodies and acne is considered an inflammatory issue.



With the same story as dairy, sugar causes sebum buildup that leads to pores getting choked up. As the skin produces more cells, the dead ones get caught up in the syrupy sebum and creates a perfect home for bacteria to grow.

Sugar also raises IGF-1 levels in our body. As you eat sugary foods, insulin is released by the pancreas. Insulin then raises IGF-1 levels. As inflammation increases, the bacteria laced sebum creates an infection in the skin.



the ingredients of coffee makes the body become insulin resistant which in turn elevates the insulin levels in the body. This chain of events lead to sebum buildup and pores getting clogged in the process.

Coffee also increases cortisol and epinephrine levels by increase your stress response. The more stressed you are, the more cortisol influences your body to produce more insulin.

If you add sugar and milk to the mix of coffee, then you’ve hit the trifecta.



Most breads are made made with dairy products and sweetened with sugar. Wheat in bread has inflammatory properties. As we outlined before, acne is attributed to inflammation.

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