Read This Before You Get Lip Implants

For the last month, I have struggled with explaining the advantages of Juvéderm lip injections to my husband. I had hoped he would agree to spending the money on them.

My lips could have more volume, but he insisted I looked beautiful without the alteration.


I explained that having outstanding lips would allow more creative looks and make me more pleased with my appearance, while eliminating my insecurity.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he knew I had a point.

Still, he protested and argued that I might not like the way they alter my appearance. He asked if I had a plan for such a scenario.

He explained that he wasn’t worried so much about the expense as much as whether or not I’d like them.

Having been with my husband for years now, I knew I could only convince him with cold, hard facts and would need to have all the answers before I approached him.

2 days before this deliberation, I called my plastic surgeon’s office asking about the injections and recorded all the details.

They informed me that their board-certified nurse would preform the procedure and that if I was not satisfied with the outcome, they simply inject my lips with a solution that dissolves the lip filler. Of course, if I wanted more volume, I simply needed to purchase another tube.

I explained this to him but he wasn’t convinced. He told me if its so simple to remove, then the effects must not last that long.

Valid point. Even so, he was wrong. The solution they inject lasts 10-12 months so the investment is every year, not bi-monthly as he thought.

He then told me that putting foreign substances in my body for that long a period must have side-effects.

Wrong again. Juvéderm lip fillers are made up of hyaluronic acids. Hyaluronic acids are already found in our skin, muscles, and tendons.

Eventually, he ran out of objections and agreed, feeling as though we had adequately discussed the idea.

So, if you ever feel like purchasing Juvéderm lip fillers, here is my experience:

I sat in the surgeon’s office waiting for the procedure. I have an irrational dread of needles, so my anxiety levels were peaking. My hands trembled in my hand as I scrolled through Instagram and Facebook to distract myself.

I filled out a few pieces of paper, and my nurse lathered my lips with a creamy gel that numbed the lower half of my face. Once I realized I wouldn’t feel the needle, my anxiety took a coffee break.

My nurse produced almost a dozen tiny syringes and filled each with a small amount of the solution. Without missing a beat, she worked in small quantities across my upper and lower lip.

Afterwards, the numbing gel began to dissipate and feeling crept back into the lower half of my face. The bruising swept across my lips like a slap in the face.


The next morning felt much like the day before, only if you multiplied it by 10.

For the next two days, my lips continued to swell and bruise.

By day 3, the swelling started to subside, but it became a bit uneven with the left side of my lips being bigger than the right. The bruising reduced to just a few purple spots.

By day 4 my lips had mostly healed and were the size and shape I had expected minus a little swelling.

By two weeks in, I finally have the volume I’ve always wanted, I can wear bold lipsticks confidently, and I even feel more at ease going out with nothing on my lips at all.


So, if you are considering lip injections, go for it! I have anxiety and a fear of needles and was able to brave it, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem. It’s worth it for the confidence boost that comes with it.

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Thanks for reading!

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