6 Things You Should Know Before Buying Skincare Products

So you’d like to start a skincare regimen? Experts such as Bobbi Brown and your local dermatologist commend you for it. But before you drop $50 on a line of top notch products, consider this short list of recommendations before you pull out your credit card.

1. Eat More Colorful Food


Maintaining a balanced diet not only aids in weight management, but also in skin care. Proper nutrition is vital. Consuming 3-5 serving of fruit and vegetables a day can dramatically change the appearance and health of your skin. Fruit and vegetables are packed with antioxidants such as vitamin A, E, and C which are a cornerstone to the integrity and strength of the skin. These little guys create the perfect atmosphere for the repair of damaged skin cells as well as the generation of new ones.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


Hydration plays an even bigger part of the health and appearance of the skin. Considering the fact that our skin cells are primarily made up of water, it makes sense as to why we should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Not doing so may result in dry, flakey skin while increasing the appearance of aging.

3. Exercise


Exercising 20-30 minutes four times a week significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels, boosts immune function, lowers blood pressure, elevates mood, and increases energy levels. It raises the heart rate, causing increased blood flow, which in turn delivers increased amounts of oxygen to skin cells. exercising does a world of good for the body.

4. Sleep Longer


Sleep is my favorite part my skin care regimen. The majority of our growth occurs while we sleep. The skin gets damaged throughout the day, so sleeping allows repair and growth to skin cells. Sleep specialists agree that 6-8 hours of sleep leaves the skin glowing and vibrant. Like exercise, it increases blood flow to each level of the skin, therefore allowing more oxygen to each cell.

5. Protect Yourself From the Sun


Baking in the sun causes early aging of the skin. Sun exposure is linked to mild and severe forms of cancer, and causes the skin to wrinkle.  Always be sure to apply sun block-Especially to the face (SPF 50 at least) as apart of any skincare routine.

6. Stop smoking


Smoking has been proven to cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease. and vascular disease. But it can also prematurely age the skin. Studies show that smoking increases droopiness, wrinkles, and causes crows feet. It cuts off blood supply to the skin which in turn leaves the skin dry and begging for a drop of oxygen.

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